Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last Sunday’s elections have produced dramatic results in the Ghanaian political history since independence. The two major political parties in the country failed to get the 50+ % to become the winner but the main opposition party that is the NDC won most of the parliamentary seats. And with this development it has make the game more exciting in a way that the opposition party might control the legislation in case the ruling party retains power.

Now it’s certain that Ghanaian will go in for a run off within three weeks from today, and it’s going to be very tight and hot for the two main candidates that’s Prof. John Evans Atta-Mill of NDC and Nana Akuffo Addo of NPP.Though there were pockets of violence around certain corners, the whole process was very peaceful and calm and Ghanaian have shown maturity in democracy.

Ghana elections attracted lots of observer missions around into the country and they have all praised the conduct and free, fair and peaceful process of the whole elections around the country.

The question most people are asking is that despite the good policies, good governance and good rule of law which are being claimed by the ruling party, why is it difficult for them to clinch the 50+% mark?.

The interesting part of this year’s elections is that the electorates have shown their power to the politicians in the country because they have taken the electorates for granted for a long time. Most big shot parliamentarians have been washed away by the electorates across the country and its has become a major lesson to all the politicians despite their big campaigns and rallies couple with expensive spending whiles the people at the bottom are suffering.

The percentages obtained by the main front runners of this year’s elections are as follows: NDC 47.92% and NPP 49.13%.The date for the run off is 28th December 2008..and everyone is looking forward to it...

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