Friday, March 27, 2009

Week Review

This week has been very busy for me when it comes to university work and other errands. I managed to attend Board of Studies meeting (BOS) @ the university of Portsmouth virtual system with the university’s board management.

At the meeting, lots of issues were discussed which include students grade point, graduation procedures and how students outside UK could attend the coming graduation in summer. It was a good meeting as several issues were addressed which concerned students and with my role as a Course Representative, I had to make sure that other students concerns are addressed very well by the board management.

I have had much time for my final year report work this week and this saw me to successful completion of the report, which I am very happy about it. I can know focus on my two units coursework which need to be completed by 26th May 2009.And looking forward to their successful completion soon to see me through the graduation path .

TACCO,a partner of Africatrust Networks,UK is trying to file its annual returns form and the renewal of its social service certificate. I have been playing a leading role in this task which I am helping to achieve this soon with collaboration with David Boateng in the Netherlands.

Umm! I am looking forward to have a good weekend on a key note with lots of rest as I have sat behind the laptop the whole the week…haaaaahaaaa!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Umm! Since the beginning of this week life has been hectic and I have been managing it very well. I do wake up early in the morning to have my regular jogging to keep me in shape and also sharpen my brain to excel well in my studies...yeah it works lol!

I have loads of university work at hand, so I have been trying to play around with some of them in the morning.Currently, I have coursework in Advance networking and Pattern in Software Design and on top of them is my final year project report aaaah!! So actually, my hands are very full and everyone can see that…haaahaaa!!!

As I am jobless at the moment, I have to be checking few recruitment websites to know what is available and then try to script few letters around and still counting my luck hohohohohoho!! I know it gonna be fine, it just a matter of time. I have visited few companies in the city to drop applications and also talking to some of them to convince them to secure an internship deal but nothing good has crop up yet. At times, it looks frustrating and i just need to be strong in times like this.

I have been having nice lectures with my mates and lecturer Jane Chandler who are all scattered around the globe but we meet “virtually” for lectures which look very exciting and fun. My final year project report is going well and just doing some tidying up to it for a good output.Though,life doesn’t seems good for me due to my unemployment, I don’t feel down but rather tightening my belt and looking forward to the lucky day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Uni Progress Work

First of all, my apologies for keeping mute for some time now without reporting about my course with the University of Portsmouth which through your enormous support I got enrol later part of 2007.Please; do accept my humble apologies for my actions!

The course have been going well since its commencement and I performed quite well in the previous examinations despite my inability to attain the required marks for one unit (that is Advance Networking).I may say that I really appreciated the fees ABC paid on my behalf to retake this unit again this year to enable me to complete the course with good grades.

I just started my last semester with the university which commenced on 9th February 2009, and I am taking two units which include Advance Networking (repeat unit) and Patterns in Software Design. These two units would last 12 weeks and the examination would commence between May -June this year. I would be doing coursework along side the final examinations to give me the final grade marks for the two units which I am confident to excel through my hardwork, dedication and commitment.

I have also been working on my final project work which started last year, and have been working on a piece of artefact dubbed “Database for Citrus Inspection”. The main objective of this project is to get a system in place to enhance good data capturing and storage for farmers and their farm produce.This is to enhancerural farmers to market their farm produce to the western world.

I have been conducting research and interviews with the stakeholders for this project to know their requirements to enables me to come out with good solutions to their needs. I started working on this late last year and I have made some major strides in terms of my final report writing and the development of the artefact to support the report. The main tool which I have been using for this project is Microsoft Access, which means I did not need any special software package to enhance my work.Currently; i am almost through with my final report and have left with three chapters which include evaluation, personal reflection and conclusion. I am also putting some finishing touches to the artefact which had some few defects, and the project is expected to be handed in on the 1st May 2009.

I have not had any permanent job since my former organization folded up but I had an internship job with a small firm which I worked in it for some weeks, and the project ended. At the moment, I am home concentrating more my studies as well as hunting for new job in the city which get frustrating all the time. Despite all these, I am very positive about myself and looks focus everyday which I believe there is more life ahead of me after nailing my university course with success.

I am looking forward to complete this course with success and hope to attend the graduation in July, and I would be doing my best to see this happen and not to disappoint anybody.

I have been enjoying good support from Africa Bridge Club in Wales and Africatrust,and they are keeping me on toes in life lol..I you all...