Thursday, March 19, 2009


Umm! Since the beginning of this week life has been hectic and I have been managing it very well. I do wake up early in the morning to have my regular jogging to keep me in shape and also sharpen my brain to excel well in my studies...yeah it works lol!

I have loads of university work at hand, so I have been trying to play around with some of them in the morning.Currently, I have coursework in Advance networking and Pattern in Software Design and on top of them is my final year project report aaaah!! So actually, my hands are very full and everyone can see that…haaahaaa!!!

As I am jobless at the moment, I have to be checking few recruitment websites to know what is available and then try to script few letters around and still counting my luck hohohohohoho!! I know it gonna be fine, it just a matter of time. I have visited few companies in the city to drop applications and also talking to some of them to convince them to secure an internship deal but nothing good has crop up yet. At times, it looks frustrating and i just need to be strong in times like this.

I have been having nice lectures with my mates and lecturer Jane Chandler who are all scattered around the globe but we meet “virtually” for lectures which look very exciting and fun. My final year project report is going well and just doing some tidying up to it for a good output.Though,life doesn’t seems good for me due to my unemployment, I don’t feel down but rather tightening my belt and looking forward to the lucky day!

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