Friday, March 27, 2009

Week Review

This week has been very busy for me when it comes to university work and other errands. I managed to attend Board of Studies meeting (BOS) @ the university of Portsmouth virtual system with the university’s board management.

At the meeting, lots of issues were discussed which include students grade point, graduation procedures and how students outside UK could attend the coming graduation in summer. It was a good meeting as several issues were addressed which concerned students and with my role as a Course Representative, I had to make sure that other students concerns are addressed very well by the board management.

I have had much time for my final year report work this week and this saw me to successful completion of the report, which I am very happy about it. I can know focus on my two units coursework which need to be completed by 26th May 2009.And looking forward to their successful completion soon to see me through the graduation path .

TACCO,a partner of Africatrust Networks,UK is trying to file its annual returns form and the renewal of its social service certificate. I have been playing a leading role in this task which I am helping to achieve this soon with collaboration with David Boateng in the Netherlands.

Umm! I am looking forward to have a good weekend on a key note with lots of rest as I have sat behind the laptop the whole the week…haaaaahaaaa!

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