Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday,was another historic day for good democracy in Ghana politcal scene.It was the second time that all the major four politcal parties eyeing for the presidency come December 7th 2008 came to together to debate on various issues that have for the people of Ghana.

The second debate was help in Tamale,the Northern part of Ghana as the first was held in Accra some weeks ago.It was good thing for the general electorates to know the kind of candidate they want to vote in some few weeks time.The parties represented were national democratic Congress (NDC),a major opposition party in Ghana and have been in power for two terms under the leadership of JJ Rawlings,the Convention peoples part (CPP),a party of the first President of Ghana Dr kwame Nkrumah,the peoples national convention (PNC),which also a party of one time head of state Dr Lihman and the new patriotic party (NPP),the ruling government's party who are seeking for another four year term in office.

The political tension is quite high as there have been several pockets of violence in some parts of the country especially in the northern Ghana.These development have generated various questions whether Ghana can hold a peaceful,fair and transparent election as it has been done 16 years ago.

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