Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, well! I am having lots of work @ the University of Portsmouth and carrying out loads of student’s responsibilities as I am the student rep for the Computing and Information Systems department.

My study @ University of Portsmouth is top up Bsc programme after completing my professional course in Information Systems Management with IMIS, UK.I am done with semester 1 and preparing for the semester which starts next year February, and would be taking Patterns in Software Development and Advanced Networking. Both units are challenging and need extra work and dedication.

I am also doing my final year project work in Database development to capture information of rural farmers in West Africa. It’s one interesting piece of work which involves frequent interactions with stakeholders like the monitoring and evaluation unit, farmers, surveyors’ etc.I have to involve all these people to enhance the systems requirement gathering to make the project successful and I am really grateful to have a wonderful supervisor called Mrs Penny Hart. So far she has been helpful and supportive throughout my project plan development, information gathering and other necessary information that would enhance my work.

I meet with Penny Hart once every week for discussion and also catching up with any lost items in the past weeks. Our meeting is 100% virtual (I mean online), using a system called victory which unique to University of Portsmouth staff and students. We all use the system (victory) for every activity being it lectures, board of studies meeting, chatroom session etc.

Infact, my university experience with Portsmouth is very fantastic, I have been learning a lot and also meeting well experienced course mates from all over the world. But I am very close to one man called Michael Cheuk; he’s a British and works with British Telecom.

So far university work has been wonderful and for now I am doing much work on my project work with the help of Penny Hart my supervisor. It’s lot of work but I know I will catch up pretty soon and it’s keeping my busy as I am in the house currently without any job.

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