Sunday, November 9, 2008


I grew up in a small town called Agona Swedru in the central part of Ghana,which is about 45 minutes drive from the capital city Accra.In my early childhood days,i lived in a big compound house with different families from different cultures in Ghana.This was sort of great experience in it on way,as one tend to learn different behaviours and languages in just one scene :).

My early childhood education started with a local private school called Swedru Happy Home,this is where i developed my first english language skills as well as its writing.I enrolled in this school for the rest of my basic and juniour high school education,infact i had a good time there by making new friends,sharpening learning skills,being part of the school athletetics team and also excelling in my final year basic education examination that jumped me into the senior high school.It was an amazing feeling to see myself in the senior high school level at that time,though there were few challenges in the beginning of my senior high school days.

Swedru Secondary School (SWESCO),was my school during my senior high school days where i read Horticulture,Chemistry and General Agriculture as my major areas aside English,mathematics etc.Senior high school days were very exciting as meeting all kinds students from various junior high schools in Ghana........infact..!! it was an experience that prepares you for the real world.

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