Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have been having some challenges since mid April when I became jobless due to redundancy exercise carried out by my employer Church World Service (United States Refugees Resettlement Program).

I started working with this organisation as an intern February 2004 and I was later hired as a full time employee in April 2004.I worked on several projects whiles working with them such as cropping, renaming of refugees pictures into a large database called WRAPS (World Wide Refugees Admission Processing System), I also helped in maintaining the computers and network systems of the organisation.

I have an enermous experience in volunteer’s management; I work as part time General Manager for a UK organisation called Africatrust Networks. Organising projects for volunteers, monthly evaluation of volunteers, coordination of volunteers and also meetings with the Vice Consul at the British High Commission in Ghana are some of the major duties that I have been handling.

I have a deep passion for this role due to different volunteers I do meet each year coming from different countries with diverse behaviours; it tends to be a learning environment for me as well as good working experience with human nature. I am looking forward to complete my education with University of Portsmouth, UK which would open up more opportunities in the world of work.

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